Types Of Casino Bonuses

When people visit an online casino, they are likely to be offered at least one form of bonus. These are designed to make playing more appealing on that site. They can also be used to reward existing players. There is a wide variety of bonuses currently available in online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

This is the most common type of promotion found when browsing online casinos. They entice new players to try out the site. Usually, they are given out when the first deposit is made. The higher the percentage of the bonus, the more restrictive it tends to be. Players need to look at the details of a bonus carefully so that they understand how it can be used.

Refer a Friend Bonus

In contrast to welcome bonuses, refer a friend bonuses are much less common. They have become even more non-existent in recent years. The casinos that do offer them do so because they can potentially double the number of players who visit the site.

Free Spins Bonus

Slots are very popular online games. There has been a significant shift in the industry recently towards these types of games. When a person visits a slot page, they are likely to be offered a free spin bonus. This increases their chances of winning without having to wager as much of their own money.

Loyalty Bonus

Not all bonuses are designed to get new players. Some are rewards for people who are loyal to a particular casino brand. The logic to giving these bonuses is that it will hopefully stop players moving onto a competing site.

High Roller Bonuses

These bonuses originated in bricks and mortar casinos. If a player spent a significant amount of money gambling, then they would be given special perks. This continues to be the case for online versions.